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Ministry Vision


I have spent nearly the last two years in the pulpit of First Baptist Church of Collinsville, Illinois due to unusual, providential circumstances. Our Pastor, Mike Hurt was diagnosed with a grade four gioblastoma brain tumor in September 2009. The deacons convened in an emergency meeting to determine how to go forward in this time of uncertainty. First Baptist is a church of about three hundred people located in a suburb of St. Louis, MO. Since I had preached in the federal prison system for over eight years with Mission Gate Ministries, I suggested that I could take the pulpit until we could determine a long range solution. It was decided that I would take the pulpit for a month and then we would review where we are going. As I type this I am still preaching and have now entered my twenty first month in the pulpit. The Lord has providentially blessed this time and has blessed me enormously in the process.


 I continue to hold my secular job which requires extensive travel and have found myself preparing sermons in airports, hotels and restaurants. I typically spend most of Saturday in sermon preparation and am usually up past midnight on Saturday night finishing up the sermon and the Power Point presentation that I use for illustration purposes. I have been putting in up to 25 hours per week to prepare each sermon. My wife Lynn and nine year old daughter Gracie have been wonderful in giving up quality weekend time with me in order to support what is needed in our church.


 In the nearly two years of ministry, under extreme conditions, our church attendance has remained level and new people have joined the church. Financial giving has also remained level or increased in difficult economic times. Since I served without pay, Pastor Mike was able to be paid his full salary and health benefits for over a year until his retirement. Pastor Mike resigned in December of 2010 and eventually went to be with the Lord after a fifteen month struggle. At Pastor Mike’s retirement, he bequeathed to me some prized commentaries from his library and the church recognized me for my service. First Baptist Church then ordained me to the gospel ministry on May 29, 2011, affirming me as a minister of the gospel.


With no seminary degree and only two years in pastoral ministry, the primary qualification that I have to present myself to a church is my preaching ability. That is why we have put many of my sermons on this website for others to review and evaluate. My doctrinal statement and my philosophy of ministry are also included so that another church can have the answers to many of their questions up front and not in a reactive manner. I believe I am gifted in the areas of preaching, biblical counseling and in my leadership abilities. I have an extensive secular career in leadership and performance, having served as national sales manager or VP of Sales for a number of companies. I bring those leadership and organizational skills to ministry along with my ability to preach God’s word.


There is no doubt in my mind that God raised me up in an hour of need to preach His word and abundantly blessed that venture. I have no intention of saying “no” to what He has done. My preaching focus is the new birth. The new birth lifts up Christ: why He came, how we must respond to what He did and the process of sanctification: the means of becoming more and more like the risen Christ. I would ask that prospective churches listen to a few of my sermons and then contact me if there is any interest in pursuing me for either a bi-vocational position or permanent position of Senior Pastor.


By His Grace,


Jim Brinkman

#10 White Birch Lane

Collinsville, IL 62234


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.